Unique Lean-Body Workouts for Time-Crunched People: Super-Fast “Multi-Workouts” to do at Home or at the Office


Multi-workouts are a substitute for doing your conventional workouts of going to the gym 3-4 times a week and doing your normal weight training and cardio routines for 45-60 minutes at a shot. With this program, you will be working out for just a couple of minutes per session, several times throughout each day, 5 days/week.

The program will consist of bodyweight workouts done only for about 2-3 minutes, 6-8 times per day, throughout each day. Now obviously, if you have a normal office job, you are going to have to be nonchalant about doing a few exercises in your office and having your office mates watch you. Actually, I’ve found out that the few people that have tried this have actually enticed their co-workers to join them!

If you have a private office, then you don’t have to worry about everybody watching you. If you work at home, or are a stay at home mother, there’s no reason you can’t incorporate these in all through the day while at home. If you end up having a busy day with meetings and so on, and can only squeeze a couple of these 2-minute routines in, then so be it, but try to get as much done each day as you can.

If you’re on a normal 9-5 office schedule, I recommend doing your 2-minute exercises every hour, on the hour, with the exclusion of lunch. For instance, you could try 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, and 4 pm.

Several of the bodyweight exercises that are the great to focus on are:

  • bodyweight squats (and variations)
  • pushups (and variations)
  • forward, reverse, or walking lunges
  • up & down a staircase (if one is available)
  • floor planks (holding the plank position from forearms and feet)
  • floor abs exercises such as lying leg thrusts, ab bicycles, etc.
  • one-legged bodyweight Romanian dead lifts

This list is not completely thorough, but I wanted to keep it fairly simple. If you know other excellent bodyweight exercises, you can add those to your workout also. If you would like to keep it really effortless and don’t want to go down on the floor for something, you can adhere to squats, lunges, and push-ups and still gain great results.

The awesome thing about these exercises is that you do an adequate amount in 2-3 minutes to get your blood going, heart rate up a bit, a large portion of your body’s muscles worked, and body temperature raised. Nevertheless, it’s usually not enough to break a sweat in just 2 or 3 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about sweating in the office or where else you may be. At the most, you might just get a little moisture on the skin.

In order to develop these workouts, you could possibly add 1 or 2 reps to each set per week, or you could advance to more difficult versions of each routine every week (such as close grip push-ups, one leg raised push-ups, squats with arms raised straight over head, etc.).

Even if every “mini” workout has a very short duration, you’ve taken in lots of repetitions for almost all muscles through your whole body, and you didn’t even have to sweat out during any of the “mini” exercises. And there’s really no excuse for not being able to take a 2-minute break once every hour and finish a couple of exercises.

An additional benefit of this style of training is that this time, you don’t have to dedicate any time before or after your work schedule to go to the gym because you already had your workouts little by little throughout the day. You now have some extra free time on your hands!

Try out this type of time-efficient workout routine for 3-4 weeks and then return to your normal gym routines. I believe you’ll find that it is certainly a great way to break out of a stage and stimulate new results in your body. You can try mixing in a cycle of these “mini” routines every couple of months to keep things fresh.

Keep in mind that this is just one style of training and doesn’t connote that you should stick to this method for eternity. You will achieve a plateau on any particular training method, so I’d recommend just rotating it into your stock of various training methods. And by all means, don’t dwell so much about what others think. Have the courage to try something a little new. In the end, you’ll be the one laughing back at all of the “blubber-bellies” at your office that are giving you funny looks while they consume their donuts!

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